76.40 Fib Retracement of the OR

Missed the day trade entry on the 76.40 Fibonacci retracement of the open range.  Left my desk 3 minutes before the hit (see circle) to check what my wife wrapped for my niece for Christmas.  Enough said.  I had to boycott the market for 30 minute before I did anything emotional for “psycho therapy” which most likely mean fading the market by going long.  I’m glad I walked away (Edit: the 2nd time that is).


Today SPY broke the horizontal support, but caught the 3 month uptrend line.  I exited another 200 shares of SPXU.  Too bad I don’t have much left (800 shares is all) as there’s been no meaningful rebounds to add.   I would have exited 500 shares but the selling seem relentless and my shares were becoming scarce.  It still amazed me that the fund managers were so close to making the year green and yet let it drop back down in the last few days of the year, amidst the Santa rally season.

Portfolio Value: $130,400

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