Go Long Intraday

It’s only mid-day, but the 1% red gap is just about filled.  It’s a recurring theme and it’s hard to bear for the bears.  Tribulation would not be an understatement.   Looking back since October, 23 out of 29 candles were either doji or have a white body.

It would have worked well to go long intraday for day trades while holding the core short position (given I have to, according to the trading signal I currently follow).   On the other hand, I can imagine that any long position can  get easily shaken out for fear that “the time has come” for the market to tank.

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One Response to Go Long Intraday

  1. “This time is different” the very day I finally blog about it. Market sold into close because the head of IMF was rumored to resign!? I should start jinxing the jinx more often. LOL.

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