Jinx Is Alive and Well

As I have discovered and blogged this morning, my 200 day EMA (as well as SMA) for SPY has been askew, as least with respect to the main stream numbers a la stockcharts.com.   It doesn’t matter who’s right because the majority wins.  That’s the reason my 50 day EMA target could not be reached on both occasions this month — prices had bounced off the “correct” 200 day EMA without me knowing.  How jinxed am I?  I could have flipped part of my positions twice, accompanied by a much more positive mental state than I am currently in right now.

Now should I ditch tradestation?  The 200 MA’s are useless on my charts even though it’s supposedly correct according to the customer rep.   Should I bother posting them, much less trading off them?  May be I should contact stockcharts.com and ask them to change their historical data.   (PS. Went to stockcharts.com’s knowledge base and found that they adjust historical prices due to splits, dividends, etc., regardless of how big or small the adjustment is.  Obviously, Tradestation’s policy is different depending on the dividend size.)

The bears lost today, but fortunately, it’s very near the end as the do or die inflection point is within touch.  See the circle area below.  It will be the day of reckoning.

I added 700 shares of SPXU today. I’m back to 60% loaded even though my faith is fading.  Also added 500 SDS on my IRA.   Those who read my blog for laughs can buy UPRO, FAS, and TNA instead.  Going against me is guaranteed to make you money.

Portfolio Value: $123,300

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2 Responses to Jinx Is Alive and Well

  1. Brian says:

    Hi David,

    I love your blog. I am with you regarding the bearish case. I’m going all in with 50% funding on Monday afternoon buying TVIX. I have a six figure account just like you but I think betting 50% is okay on Monday just in case I need the other 50% funding to bet even more TVIX if the first time fail. I have been on a losing streak and now down about 16% of my portfolio. I like your idea about the group therapy. LoL.

    I hope you enjoy your weekend.


    • Thanks Brian! I hope the Turkey rally won’t foil our “evil plan” next week. Good luck to you! BTW, I’m serious about using my trades as your contrarian indicator. May be I should post the myriads of my other trades to benefit the readers.

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