Al Brooks’ Price Action Trading

While the market was doing its yo-yo (hopefully bear flagging) around the 200 day EMA, I thought it might be a time better spent jotting down some notes from Al Brooks’ presentation from a few years ago.

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4 Responses to Al Brooks’ Price Action Trading

  1. padysrini says:

    Man – this is tough. Have to be super nimble. Also have to trade big. Get out after 0.1 ??? Wow – you need a cheap broker who can trade super fast also. I am trying to move to a swing trading pattern ( maybe 2-5 days hold unless target/SL hit ). Long run lesser chance of heart attack 🙂

    • That is for scalping. I am finding it a useful thing to try as I get totally bored with my long term positions (it’s been a couple of months now). tradestation charges $1 per 100 shares so it isn’t too bad.

  2. padysrini says:

    Does this work on a longer timeframe like 5 min or 15 min or 30 min ?

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