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Difficult Market, Bankrolling, and Wake-up Call

So this has been one of my worst years trading without doubt.  One comforting thought was that, as jinx may have its way, I’ve picked one of the worst year to embark on full time trading. These days I follow … Continue reading

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TLT – Warning Sign

Two days ago someone in a forum was bullish on TLT during a bullish intraday rally.  I took a look at it.  Then something on the 60 minute chart stood out like an eye sore:  despite the bullish price action, … Continue reading

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BAC – Missed Opportunities

I was eyeing BAC yesterday afternoon because of the enormous positive divergence on the 60 minute chart.  But that would be a counter-trade on the proprietary long term selling signal.  My conviction in the BAC trade even prompted me to … Continue reading

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Impossible To Trade

Market gapped up 3% today.  I was glad I didn’t have much SPXU left to cause me grief.  Since I emptied out my SDS positions in my IRA account last Friday, I initiated 500 shares of SDS today.  That was … Continue reading

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No Turkey Rally

Who would have thunk it?  A 1% red gap to start the day and a massive a closing dip to end the day before Thanksgiving with 2% in red, making this 4.44% red  week the worst Thanksgiving week ever.  Wow! … Continue reading

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Another Text Book Reversal

  Knowing the mechanics of a trend reversal helps one sit tight and wait for better entries or exits.   Today’s big gap down was very tempting for me to exit my short positions.  But exiting a short is subject … Continue reading

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Market Dumped and So Did I

I think it was our congress’ Super Committee impasse of the spending cut that triggered the super dump.  I knew I should have had more greed last Friday and kept more of my SPXU, but that was just how I acted … Continue reading

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