All Time Low

That just about sums it up for me today — that my portfolio value is at its all time low, as well as my spirit.  No news came out of the meetings in EU over the weekend that meant good news.  Plus CAT earnings beat.  So market had no reason but to continue to ride the strong upward momentum.  After breaching the confluence of resistance on Friday, the bulls attacked the YTD breakeven line of 125.75 on SPY.  And amazingly, there is still no negative divergence on the oscillators despite all these advances.

Despite my resolution to follow one system until it stops working, I am beginning to fear if this is the one time that it fails and that I am in the midst of being wiped out.   That would be nothing new as far as how I’ve been jinxed all of my investing life.   I’m beginning to feel like a hopeless gambler because I am still hoping despite the fact that I’m being run over.

Portfolio Value: $124,800

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2 Responses to All Time Low

  1. Javier says:

    Could you please explain the system that you are relying on?, thanks Javier

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