My Weekend Is Ruined

Google earnings beat huge last night.  Big green gap up this morning.  I was hopeful because that would provide an opportunity for a topping pattern to play out.

The market retrieved orderly till noon. And then it rose orderly into 30 minutes before the bell.  Then the roller coaster ride:  the HOD was broken out with high volume, then quickly reversed on the next bar on the 5 minute chart and began to sell off.  A typical stop run.  I was excited.  This could really mark the top for a while.  But I knew there were still room left for the bull and I was watching the chart intently, and praying at the same time.  Just like the 9th inning of a World Series game:  my team was winning by a hair and the closer was down to the last pitch with the bases loaded — AND the pitch was hit out of the park! Yep, that was what happened.  In the last 5 minutes, the bulls came in and hit a home run, finishing at HOD.

Needless to say, I was feeling deflated.  The bearish shooting star from 2 days ago was decimated.  It’s clear Mr. Market wants the 200 day MA, or even the break-even line of 125.75.   The anticipation of getting goosed further is making me sick.   Was this the shortest bear market ever???  Yep, my weekend is ruined.

Portfolio Value: $129,500

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