Nothing Would Work All The Time But…

OK, so I just gave myself some liberty to day-trade as of yesterday.  This morning I tried a few things that I preached and that worked before.  Of course, nothing would work all the time.  That’s why money management a la stop loss is paramount.  But, what’s the chance that nothing works at all.  As jinx would have it, this morning was one example.

I had 4 trades on SPY this morning and all got stopped out.

  1. I went long on reversal of the opening trend. Stopped out.
  2. I went long on reversal of opening trend 5 minutes later.  Stopped out.
  3. By now, I’ve concluded today is a non-trending day, so I went short on the upper opening range.  Stopped out.
  4. I went long on the bottom of the opening range.  Stopped out.

Now these are just token trades to insulate myself from total boredom while holding a core short position, so financially I didn’t lose much — especially compared to the paper loss on my current short positions — but I think I got the signal not to attempt any more folly today 😉    I seriously think I need to fix the feng-shui in my house.  LOL.

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