Even Bigger Blood Bath

So my nightmare over the weekend came true, only 3 times as bad.  S&P down 6.66%, Dow down 634 points, Russel down 8.91%, XLF down, with BAC down over 20%.  Get the picture?  All this, thanks to S&P’s downgrade of the US credit rating from AAA to AA+.  Obama even make an effort to speak at 2 pm, only to have the Dow drop another 150 points.   This is a crash.  Throw TA out of the window.

My AONE made a major drag on my account, down over 23% today alone.  I’m going to start dumping it.  I have just 150 shares of SPXU and 200 SDS left which I’m holding dear to my heart.  No more scaling out.

PPS. Oh, here’s the nice big red S&P HeatMap, courtesy of finviz.com

Portfolio Value: $129,800

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