A Day of Missed Opportunities

Well, pretty much missing by pennies captivated my day today.  It was truly painful especially when I am desperate for green trades these days.

First, I missed TZA day trade profit exit by 2 pennies.  Limit to sell at 34.98 didn’t get filled while price hit 34.96.  Not too big a deal, but it dampened my spirit nevertheless.  I chased and exited it at 34.59, 38 cents lower.

Next, the entry for ICGN was missed by a penny, literally!  I see a 3 legged up and then a 2 legged down.  I figured possibly another 3 legs up.   I was betting on the consolidation on the 2nd leg for an entry, at 7.35.   Surely there was a dip to 7.36, missing my order by a penny!   The stock went ahead without me and I left an 8% run on the table!  Ugh!  I really felt sick on my stomach.

Next, it has nothing to do with missing a penny but another jinx that I need to document and vent.   GURE broke out of compression flag and I wanted to make an entry.  I clicked on the “1000” button for 1000 shares and bought the market.   To my disappointment, I only bought 100 shares.  The reason was the Matrix order interface default to 100 shares, and when I click on “1000”, I merely placed the focus on the Matrix order interface and did not change the quantity from 100 to 1000 as I intended to.  The stock went on to rally another 4%.  I took a 2.75% profit of $8 while it should have been $80!

Finally, the froth TAOM tagged my Fib extension target of 13.83.  I placed a short at 13.69 but then I cancelled it.  No gut to short after being burned from the dark side way too many times.  I thought I have to fight my tendency to fade a trend.  Well, guess what, as jinx would have it, this time it would have worked and I missed a 6.8% shorting profit.

Despite all the aggravations, the day didn’t turn out too bad in terms of my portfolio value.  It’s up $800 as the market continues to weaken, thanks to my core SPXU and TZA positions.  At the recent market peak 5 days ago, my portfolio value went below $131,000.

Portfolio Value: $133,800.

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