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A Good Day Spoiled by Unexpected After Hours Earnings

As I mentioned a number of times, currently my core positions in my trading account are in TZA and SPXU, the bear ETF’s.   Today with the deadlock on raising the debt ceiling not showing any hint of resolution, the … Continue reading

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Trial Trading Service, Follow-Up

After my offbeat blog on my still-ongoing 2 week trial trading service, I had a blast the next day, netting $383.33 for the day, just about made up all of my losses.   But today I gave it all back, … Continue reading

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Trying Out a Trading Service for 2 Weeks

I got invited to this “boom” chat room for a 2 week trial.  I was kind of excited because I’ve always wanted to see what it’s like, especially given that the red hot twitter I follow on stocktwits keeps on … Continue reading

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A Day of Missed Opportunities

Well, pretty much missing by pennies captivated my day today.  It was truly painful especially when I am desperate for green trades these days. First, I missed TZA day trade profit exit by 2 pennies.  Limit to sell at 34.98 … Continue reading

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Projecting Targets

I’ve grown sick of the oscillators failing these days.  Who knows how long a stock will remain overbought or oversold?   Often times than not, the oscillators have either caused me to take profit too early or enter a position … Continue reading

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Eurodollar – Another Leading Indicator

I ran across this article today and was taken aback.  I may have found an even fuzzier and longer term leading indicator than the SI Indicator!   This commercials’ Eurodollar position shifted by 1 year was conjectured to suggest the stock market … Continue reading

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Stick With Your System and Trade Your Time Frame (Pigs Get Slaughtered)

Saying every system works is as good as saying no one system works all the time.  The truth is a system or indicator works within the intended time frame, or “eventually”.  We’ve heard the rhetoric, “you call it often enough, … Continue reading

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