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Mirroring Someone Else’s Trades – A Sign of Desperation

I’ve mentioned before, psychology has everything to do with trading.  That’s why there are advice to trade only in the morning, to stop trading after 2-3 losing trades, etc.  The same goes with my current portfolio value.   I am not … Continue reading

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Stop Woes – LNG, GRS

Setting stops is essential and yet so very tricky.  Hard stop? Mental stop? Trail stop?   And How far below?  Use fixed point or percentage?  We also have to consider how thinly traded the given stock is. Today I was trading … Continue reading

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Married to A Stock

The SPY gaped down below the 50 MA and finished the day down 1.29%. At least I wasn’t bullish, not the least bit.  But I’m not a bear like I used to be capable of.  After all these QE’s, I’ve … Continue reading

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SLW Long Setup

Silver has taken a beating due to overdue correction of froth, margin requirement tightening, and the recent rally in the Dollar.  With the triple whammy, even the long time darling of commodity, SLW, has seen its share price retreat over … Continue reading

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Sell In May and Go Away

Saw the following seasonality chart that illustrates the old adage of “sell in May and go away”. It’s a great visual.  By chance I also read Jeremy Grantham’s quarterly GMO letter that addressed this seasonality in the context of year … Continue reading

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The market has been sold 4 days in a row.  The SPY is down another .65%, that’s 3% in 4 days.  IBM is down another 1.24% but I didn’t trade it because I’d be too emotional about it for picking … Continue reading

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IBM had 2 back to back hammer at the top at the last two days and today the low even broke yesterday’s low, so I decided to short IBM.  What a nightmare it turned out to be.  It’s not only … Continue reading

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