More On Earnings – All Over the Map

Just found out I had UIS in one of my accounts yesterday and that it announced earnings 3 days ago!    I know all about earnings being 50-50 at best, but it takes great discipline to keep track of them!  Now the chart before the earning looked quite good, with prospect of breaking the 33.10, consolidating above the gap support, and its rival IBM is at all time high.  But the bottom line is, it doesn’t matter when it comes to earning.

NTGR’s chart was similar, with prospect of breaking the horizontal resistance at 34 and has been consolidating right above the 200 day ma.  It announced earnings last night and, contrary to UIS,  the chart went flying, up as much as 28% intraday!

Two solar stocks also had opposite reactions: ELSR and SPWRA. Yesterday ESLR was down over 32% despite the price and volume momentum.  It has been hot on  All these momo players got their heads handed to them.

SPWRA, on the other hand, is up over 34% today.

RIMM, the old darling of Wall Street, is now hated.  Down two gaps.

And CSTR, known to its Redbox kiosks, managed to close the gap.

Even the pros would advise against holding through earnings.  Straddles would profit from these earnings but options are not my cup of tea.

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2 Responses to More On Earnings – All Over the Map

  1. What software are you using for your charts?

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