So I’m following this person on stocktwits.com who’s consistent very impressive from all her real time twits.  Today she put put 3 stocks: CT, USAT, and EGHT.    Shortly she post that she’s in for EGHT @ 3.12.  I didn’t follow because by the time I get to look at the chart, it was already 3.19, 2% higher.   Meanwhile I continued to be impressed by her as EGHT was up over 7% while the other two was -7% and -5% respectively.   Suddenly to my horror I spotted CT in my portfolio – left over from yesterday.   I immediately closed the position.  Guess what, that was precisely the low of day.   How could this happen?  What can I learn from this??

On the other hand, she post “$MVIS it’s game time.”  I took a look at the chart.  Surely, it popped.  I assume she had a position so I layered in.   My position is down 3.5% as we speak:

Since then, she’s posted VG (~5.05) and CIGX (~3.63).  I don’t know where she had actual entries or not, but I didn’t do anything.  Look at them now:

I have a magic touch.  Stocks I trade, be it long, short, swing, scalp, options or securities, they’d turn out red.

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