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Look for Thin Zones

One setup that has worked for me the best is thin zone on the long side.  I’m a perma bear and I have a fear of “height” — I would not chase a frothy stock and if I don’t constraint … Continue reading

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FCEL Setup

FCEL has managed to breakout the wedge after a headfake and some flagging.  One thing that troubled me was the negative accum-dist divergence during this leg up – the price went up but accumulation went down.   But since breaking the … Continue reading

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No Get Rich Quick, Please

I’ve read some where before where most successful day traders don’t really trade for money; they do it out of self discipline much like a mountain climber or a triathlete.  While that doesn’t say that all those who do eventually … Continue reading

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Dojis Mean Indicision, Not Trend Reversal

Dojis means indecision or hesitation.  But often times it is overrated (by me): whenever I see one in real time I tend to use it as a trend reversal indicator.  It’s more probable if it occurs at major inflection point.  … Continue reading

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Avoid Chinese Reverse Mergers Like Plague

Reverse merger means (mostly known for a Chinese company) to become public by merging with a skeleton public stock.   Sure they look compelling, lower valuation than their IPO counter part (e.g. BIDU, SINA, etc).  Most of them went parabolic and … Continue reading

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Executing My Plan Amidst Blood Bath In the Market

I’ve been on the wrong side of the market trading around the likes of QID and SDS since summer of 2010 and finally gave up in February.  It sounded bad, but not any where nearly as bad as my Belgium … Continue reading

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Concentrate On Your Own Trades

With StockTwits, finviz scan results, and all the forum mentions, I am like a kid in a candy store — I bought everything!   Now if I were waiting for SPY day trade but I kept looking for entries/exits on all … Continue reading

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