Portfolio Takes a Breather from Losing

Finally breaks a losing streak that lasted the whole month in terms of my portfolio value.  It’s up $1000 as we speak, from yesterday, to $138,600.  The market fully retraced last Friday’s sell-off and a lot more.   Just about everything went up.  My overnight leftover GOOG and CME yielded some green; unfortunately I sold them shortly after the open.  The market went on steroid after that.

The daytrades, however, continue to suffer.   Long 500 SPY on the 20 ma support on the 5 minute chart.  The set up failed and got stopped out at the usual (local) bottom:

Then I shorted 100 SPY on confirmed backtest of the 20 ma resistance on the 5 minute chart:

In other words, got whipsawed.  Lost on both long and short trades.  That sucks.  Fortunately, in terms of monetary loss it was only ($80).  For the day, I booked about $300 of realized profit.

Some freaky event happened. I bought 500 DHR on theinformedtrader alert and was going to take a quick profit on 400 shares minutes after.  However, the limit order didn’t get filled even though the last quotes were way above it.  I couldn’t cancel the order, couldn’t place a new market order, and couldn’t cancel all open orders, and couldn’t close the position.  I even went to the web interface because it has happened before on the tradestation.  Finally I had to call the trade desk and he canceled the order for me.  Fortunately, this mishap worked in my favor, as I was able to fill the order at a higher price.

The other mishap, however resulted in the usual punishment.  I closed MUSA on resistance and was trying to place a stop order to buy above the resistance.  I used the order bar instead of Matrix and I ended up placing a limit order which resulted in a market order.  The Matrix would have automatically set the order type to stop order.  As we speak, I’m in red with the order entry error.

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