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Taunting Continues

Today the market finally sold off on S&P 1,300, triggered by AMZN’s after hour earning yesterday, the unrest in Egypt, and of course the forever oversold oscillators.  I didn’t benefit much today, however. Because I took more than half the … Continue reading

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Impossible to Trade

I am often resentful and at the same time amazed how my luck has been so bad.  No matter which trade I pull, they end up red — very quickly too.  And then I’d often reduce my ambition (another way to … Continue reading

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Taking Loss Religiously

Today I tried to take losses religiously, trying to make many smaller losses for a bigger win.  While I did that right, I make another wrong — going against the trend.  The SPY had a closing spike into Obama’s State … Continue reading

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Parallel Channels & Redrawing Trendlines

Today I did myself a favor and stayed away from high beta high spread stocks like GOOG and AAPL. Drawing parallel trend lines has proven to work wonderfully as shown in dotted line above. The chart also shows the dilemma … Continue reading

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Calling it a jinx is probably self-defeating, but I have to do it just so I can laugh off the incredibly consistent bad luck I have as far as investments go.   I’ve never made money on the stock market or investments of … Continue reading

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Call It A Day When You’re Ahead

Last Thursday  I had early winning trades, profiting about $200.  Then later on the same day I got complacent, and took on high beta trades — on Thu FFIV gapped down on earning misses.   I tried to catch intraday bottoms and failed miserably.  … Continue reading

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